Monday, December 5, 2011

Game Night/Trivia Night

Looking for something fun to do on your night off that doesn't cost any money?  Call up the ladies and get together for game night or trivia night.  This event can be hosted at your house if your group is small or host it in the church fellowship hall for a larger group.

Have each lady bring her favorite board game or other game to the meeting.  If there is a large group and you are hosting it at the fellowship hall, set up several tables and place a different game on each (like stations). 

Then PLAY.  The ladies can divide up into groups and play whichever game they prefer.  Make a night of it.  Playing different games and fellowshipping with different ladies. 

You might suggest that each lady invite a friend to come along.  The more the merrier.  Besides this is a great opportunity to win a lost soul!!!

Ask each lady to bring a snack and beverage to share.

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