Thursday, June 14, 2012

God Works in Mysterious Ways...

Isn't it funny that we go through life thinking and believing that "we" have made the choices, made the decisions and taken the actions to make us who and what we are, whether successful or not, and to get us to where we are in life today; that we are "self" made, only to discover that yes, while we have played some part, that it is God who has been orchestrating our lives to get them to where He wants them?

A personal testimony...

I was baptized in Jesus' name and filled with the Holy Ghost around age 7.  From that moment on I became "His" child, "His" and from that point He has had His hand in my life.  Yes, even when I didn't want Him in my life and even still when I didn't think He was there.

As I young adult I chose to live a backslidden life and lived that sinful life for nearly 20 years.  By the age of 35 my marriage was on the rocks, I had put myself in situations of being sexually abused, stalked and harassed.  I was a prescription drug addict and when the drugs didn't work, I found myself at the bar trying to drink away my sorrows. Life certainly had not turned out like I had envisioned it to be. Oh, from the outside everything looked great. I had a job, home, husband, children, everything that one dreams of, but there was no inner peace or happiness and that led to more and more sin.  However, it wasn't until I made it back home, like the prodigal, that it became clear to me, that while I had made the choice to backslide and to do all those awful things, that God had orchestrated these events to bring me back to Him.  No God did not force me to sin, but he knows that without godly sorrow there is no repentance.  It was through the sorrows of life that I found a place of repentance (2 Cor. 7:10).  Sadly, that's how it is for most backsliders.  A road of sorrow leads God's child back home.

God knew exactly what it would take and where he needed to take me to get me back home safely; and happily, that's where I am today, HOME.  No, not home in Illinois in Pastor Bradshaw's church where I was raised and where I received the Holy Ghost for the first time, but HOME, in God's house.  He scheduled every event in my life (even the bad ones) all the while letting me believe that I was in control.  He put me in the places and allowed specific situations to happen to lead me back to Him.  I could have never foreseen the bumps, twists and turns in my life's road, but he did.  He knew exactly where they were.  He knew exactly where we were going and the way there.  Thank you Jesus!

God is still orchestrating the events of my life today, only this time it is with my knowledge and permission.  Life is sweeter now.  No more sorrow and no more guilt.  My marriage has miraculously been healed and both my husband and my children have become Holy Ghost filled believers.  God has taken an adulterous, drug addicted, drunken shell of a woman and changed her into a Sunday school teacher, children's church leader and praise singer one step at a time.  All this, and just when I thought that I had destroyed my life for good.  God certainly works in mysterious ways!  I am looking forward to where he takes me next.

Be assured that he knows your life too.  He has a plan for your life too and no matter where you are today, he is working in your life either to bring you home safely or to change you into something he can use and be proud of.  Let him lead you.  He knows the way.  The way may seem mysterious to you, but God works in mysterious ways!

Have a blessed day!

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