Friday, July 6, 2012

Garden Party

Do you love gardening, pretty plants and flowers?  Do any of the other ladies in your church or group love those things too.  If so, why not have a GARDEN PARTY.  This is an outdoor party is all about location, location, location.  Host this party at a place where there is a nice, beautiful garden to enjoy.  This could be in your backyard, one of the other ladies backyards or perhaps a nice park where there are some beautiful annual and perennial gardens to enjoy.

Colorful suspended flower pots

This party can be as formal or casual as you like.

Set a date, time and location.  Then, hand out invitations.

On the invitation be sure to ask each lady to bring small potted seedlings (enough for each guest to take one home) of their favorite plant/flower/herb from their very own gardens.  You may need to hand out the invitation a few weeks in advance to give each lady a chance to get everything together.

Ask them to make sure each potted seedling is marked with what type of plant/flower/herb it is.


This is an exchange type party, i.e. if each lady is supposed to bring 10 seedlings of one kind of plant (one for each guest), each lady will take home 1 seedling of 10 different plants to either repot or transplant into their own yard/garden.

Suggestion:  You may want to provide a few refreshments, light snacks and beverages for the occasion. If so, think about how you can use garden tools and things like flower pots as serving utensils, i.e. use small hand trowels as serving spoons.  Place cupcakes in the top of small terracotta pots.  Serve chips in larger flower pots.  Use your imagination.

Suggestion:  Depending on how formal or casual you decide to go, you might want each lady to dress up in gardening attire (gardening hats, gloves and summer dresses).  You may also want to decorate the outdoors for the occasion as well.

Suggestion:  This type of party would be great as a house warming party for a friend who has just moved to a place with little or no landscaping.  In that case, have each lady to bring only one seedling/start from their garden to give as a housewarming gift.

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