Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For Such a Time as This

Scripture text: Esther 4:8; 4:10-14

Esther had never known the reason that she, a jew, was chosen to be queen, but God had a plan for Esther. And God has a plan for each of us also. We don’t always know why we are in certain situations, or put in certain places. Sometimes those places and situations seem strange to us. Sometimes we kind of feel out of place. Things are altogether unfamiliar and sometimes we question the Lord "Why are we here?"; "What is going on and what is this all about?". I can imagine Esther might have felt this way.

She was one single Jewish girl in the midst of whole lot of worldly people. She was isolated and alone in the king’s castle. There were no other Jewish girls there to pal around with. She was the only one. I imagine she kind of felt out of place, out of sorts. Why was all this happening. Why did Uncle Mordy send me to do this and why was I chosen to be queen? I can imagine she felt homesick, alone and even possibly scared or worried about what was going to take place in her life, but then suddenly her purpose was made known to her.

Haman had fooled the king into signing a decree that all the Jews in the entire kingdom would be killed on a certain day. The king had no idea that his lovely bride was a Jew. Well here we see the reason Esther became queen. She was placed there to save her people, the Jews, from destruction. She was the only one in a position to save the Jewish race. Why Esther, and what in the world could a small, innocent, unskilled Jewish girl do to stop the destruction of an entire race?

When uncle Mordy told her to go plead their cause before the king Esther was afraid and declined. She said "Uncle Mordy, you know that the only ones who can come into the king’s court are those he invites. Those he holds his sceptre out to. Otherwise, anyone who enters uninvited is killed, immediately. I have not been invited into the kings court the whole time I have dwelled in this house since I was chosen to be queen and it doesn’t look like I am going to be invited anytime soon. There’s no way I can entreat the king for the Jews or even myself".

But Uncle Mordy insisted that Esther entreat the king for her people. He said "if you don’t speak for your people, God’s people, God will send someone else to, and you and your father’s house will surely be destroyed for not doing what God sent you to do, for who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this. Uncle Mordy was saying, Esther this is your calling. This is why you were put in this place. This is your reason for living.

Like Esther, we often don’t understand why we have been put in a particular situation, or in a strange place, but rest assured God knows and he has a plan for each and every one of us. You may not know who it is that you were sent to help deliver from the hands of the evil one. Why has God chosen you. Only he knows. You may have the right personality to win the heart of the one he sent you to help.

However, the key is that we allow ourselves to be used. God put you where you are to win the lost, but if you won’t do it, he will send someone else to take your place who will do it. We may feel afraid to talk to others about salvation and that’s okay. God has given instruction in the rest of this passage in Esther to help with that.

Scripture text: Esther 4:15-17

Esther issued to all the jews, herself and her handmaids a three day fast. They entreated the Lord that Esther would receive the kings favor and would be invited into his court, and Esther made herself ready, through fasting and prayer, through purification of her soul, body and spirit to see the king. This fasting helped her with her fear and God did give her favor with the king to enter into his court.

Esther first asked the king if she could invite the king to a luncheon, and then readied the luncheon. At the luncheon she asked if the king would join her for a dinner. He accepted. She entreated him for her people. He stopped the massacre that had been orchestrated by Haman and the Jews were delivered.

Now you might ask how is this going to help me win the lost? The secret is that no matter how afraid we are to speak to someone. Take it to God through prayer and fasting. Oh God, I want to see souls saved. I need your help so that I can do my part in this place you have put me. I don’t know who and I don’t know why, but you do Lord and I need your help. Give me the words. Help me see what I need to do. Help me to be brave because I know that I have been put here ...FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

In time God will show you who you were sent for. First prepare yourself. Make your heart pure. Ask for wisdom and understanding. Live right in the sight of all men (this is the hard one, don’t blow your witness). Then, make friends with them. Wine them and dine all the while helping them find salvation.

Jesus was sent at just the right time to the right place and you were sent at the right time to just the right place. It’s all a part of God’s ultimate plan. His whole desire is that the world be saved.

We have been chosen to finish his work. Is it our desire that "the people" be saved? What are we going to do about it?

Esther was just one little Jewish girl in the midst of a whole nation of jew haters, but she stepped up to the plate to save her people. God had put her in that place, at that time, for that purpose. Oh sure, she could’ve decided that she just couldn’t help and God would have had someone else do it, but Esther would have been the one to lose out. She would've have been killed for entering into the king’s court without invitation. She and her family would have been destroyed.

God has put us here in our place, at our house, in our neighborhood, at our school, at our job, at this time, for his purpose. He has put us here ...FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

Let’s keep our eyes peeled and look for those whom God has sent us to help. Lets prepare ourselves and then help them find salvation.


Read the story of Esther
and be Inspired to be used of God.
Esther 1:1-10-3

There is no memory verse for this lesson but there is an assigment.  Have the children read the Story of Esther this week from their bibles.

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