Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mother/Daughter Banquet

This get together is usually held in honor of Mother's Day, but I suppose you could have one at any time during the year, even perhaps around the holidays. 

A Mother/Daughter Banquet is just that...A banquet to honor mothers and their daughters and that special bond they share between each other.

A Mother/Daughter banquet can have whatever theme you like, examples include:

A Shopping theme
A Floral theme
A Garden theme
Shoes and Purses theme
Southern Belle theme
High Tea

or any number of other themes so long as it is "girly".

Choose a date, place and time for this banquet.  Choose a theme and hand out invitations that go along with the theme you have chosen. 

Ask each lady to bring a dish or if your budget allows, have it catered.  If you are having the ladies bring food you will want to include that information on their invitations.  You might also note on the invitation that this is a formal event and to dress appropriately (not necessarily evening gowns but no casual attire).

Decorate the hall according to the theme you have chosen.   Remember that no matter what theme you have chosen, this is a formal event.  You will want to set each table with nice linens and a centerpiece that coordinates with your theme. 

This event usually has a special speaker or someone to talk about the special bond between a mother and daughter.  Most times this is a Christian based banquet and the speaker touches on the importance and responsibility of a mother to raise her daughter in the fear and admonition of the Lord, and also the daughters responsibility of learning and listening to her mother's instruction.  However, this type of thing is not required.

The most important thing is to get mothers and their daughters together to celebrate womanhood.

You might want to play a few games and give away a few door prizes.

Some door prizes might be given to the oldest mother, the youngest mother, the mother with the most children, etc. or you could choose to give a small party favor to each person in attendance.  Your choice.

Suggestion:  Since this is a formal affair, you could use some of the young men of your church or some of the ladies sons to be waiters for the evening.   Of course, they would also need to be dressed appropriately.  White shirt, black slacks.

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