Thursday, October 6, 2011


Does everyone in your group love Chinese as much as the Ladies of First Apostolic Church?  If so, why not have a chinese cuisine night.

Decorate the Hall in the colors of the Orient.  Red and Black should do the trick.  Perhaps gather up some decorative chinese fans to hang on the walls.  Hang some paper lanterns from the ceiling.  Hand out invitations with an Oriental theme.

Have each lady bring their favorite chinese dish or dessert.  If no one knows just how to make their favorite dish, either have them look online for a recipe or bring take out from their favorite Chinese restaurant.  Instead of utensils use chop sticks.  You can sometimes get them for free from your local chinese restaurant.  Make floral arrangements for each table using take out boxes for the vase.

A game might include a round of musical something with an oriental sound.  Place a take out box with a door prize inside under one of the chairs.   When the music stops, the lady sitting in that chair wins the prize.  Go ahead and keep the game going and continuing to take a chair away after each round.  The final player gets another door prize.  Perhaps a small chinese fan.  They can use it during church services to stay cool.

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