Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  The colors and weather are just glorious.  What better time of year to get the ladies together for some outdoor fun.   Choose a date, place and time to get together for an outdoor fall party.   If you have a fairly large yard, this would be the perfect opportunity to invite the ladies to your house for some fall festivities.

Using fall themed scrapbook papers and plain papers, make simple invitations. 

Of course decorations would include colorful leaves, pumpkins, cornstalks, hay bales, mums, etc.  Weather permitting set up tables outside for dining.  Any kind of tables will do.  If your budget allows use hay bales for seating.

Ask each lady to bring their favorite cool weather dish or dessert.  Chili and soups are always favorite fall dishes.  Also, grilled corn on the cob and other fall vegetables are yummy.

Make sure you have plenty of apple cider and hot cocoa on hand.

A bonfire, s'mores and kettle corn are always great fall treats too.  You can now make microwave kettle corn which is easy and tasty. 

Games can include:

Sack races and Bobbing for apples are always fun fall activities.  If you don't like bobbing for apples the old fashioned water in a bucket way, hang the apples from strings and hang them from the clothesline.  The ladies can bob for apples without the mess of water.

Play a name the leaves game.  Have a tray with assorted tree leaves.  Number the leaves.  Give each lady a numbered sheet of paper and ask them to identify each leaf by what type of tree it came from (if you don't have a variety of trees to choose from, cutout different leaves from construction paper.  Go online to find leaf patterns to trace).  Give a door prize to the lady who guesses the most right.

Pumpkin or gourd toss.  Cut holes into a large sheet of cardboard or plywood.  Large enough for a small gourd or pumpkin to go through.  Lean the board against a table or wall.  Allow the ladies three tries to get the pumpkin in the holes.  If she succeeds, give her a small trinket.

Ring toss.   Place a large pumpkin (with a stem) on the ground or a table.  Give each lady milk jug rings.  The lady needs to ring the stem of pumpkin to win.  If she succeeds, give her a small trinket.

*Door prizes and trinkets can be anything you choose but you might choose things with a "fall" "autumn" theme.

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