Thursday, October 6, 2011


Everybody loves food and what ladies fellowship meeting would be complete if there wasn't something to snack on. 

How about hosting an Italian Cuisine night for the ladies.  Decorate the hall in Italy's traditional red and green color scheme and hand out Italian themed invitations.  One idea could be to tie tags on miniture pots of rosemary with the place, date and time on the tag.

Have each lady bring their favorite Italian dish or dessert.


Games could include,

"Name that Noodle" an assortment of pastas (i.e. spaghetti, bow-tie, rigitoni, etc.) on a tray with a number beside each, and pass the try around the room.  On sheets of numbered paper, have each lady "name the noodle".  The lady with the most right answers wins a door prize.

"Meatball tasting contest"...designate a few ladies (before the meeting) to make and bring their
families meatball recipe.  Select a panel of judges to "taste" each contestants meatballs.  The winning contestant receives a door prize.

If you're really brave, you could have a meatball eating contest.  The person who consumes the most in 1 minute wins!

Suggestion:  Door prizes do not have to be expensive.  A small bottle of olive oil would be a fitting door prize for this type of get together.  Use your imagination.

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