Monday, October 24, 2011


Every lady has a "signature" dish or dessert, a family favorite, that she takes to just about every social gathering she attends and EVERYONE wants the recipe.  Why not get your ladies group together and host a recipe exchange? 

Choose a date, time and place to get your ladies together. 

Decorations:  If you are like me and just have to decorate for the occasion, use posterboards made to look like "oversized" recipe cards and stick them on the walls, or hang recipe cards from the ceiling.  Table centerpieces could include such things as recipe books and "ingredients" (sugar, flour, spices, etc.), measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowls, etc.  Use your imagination.

Use recipe cards for invitations.  Ask each lady to bring her all time favorite homemade dish or dessert.  This can be anything she chooses.  Have each lady print out enough copies of her recipe for each of the other ladies to take a copy home.

Each lady should also bring a hearty appetite as the fun part of this meeting is sampling everyone's yummy dish or dessert.  The added treat is that each lady then gets to take a copy of each recipe home with her. 

Note:  When you hand out invitations you can provide each lady with a stack of index cards or recipe cards to print their recipe on.  There are many online sources for free recipe card printouts. 

Click on the recipe card above for a print out page for this recipe card

Suggestions:  Instead of allowing each lady to bring the type of dish she wants, you can change it up a bit and ask each lady to bring a specific type of dish; for example, a main dish, a side dish, appetizer or dessert, etc.   That way there will be a variety of recipes to sample. 

Other options:  This type of meeting could be held around the holidays.  Have each lady bring their favorite holiday recipe.  It could also be done as a "just desserts" recipe exchange.  Have each lady bring their favorite dessert.  There are many options to this type of meeting.  Be creative and have fun!!!

Party favor idea:  If your budget allows, you could provide each lady with a small scrapbook, purse-size photo album or recipe organizer to keep her newly acquired recipes in.

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