Christian fellowship plays an important role in spiritual growth.  It helps in discipling new converts, as it keeps new converts actively participating in church and keeps them involved with people of like precious faith.  Not to mention, fellowship is a good way to WIN someone to the Lord.  Inviting your unsaved friends to your get togethers will put them in contact with "the Savior". 

Now we all know that ladies love to talk, eat and shop, but not alone.  We are social creatures and what better way is there to socialize but to have a Christian ladies fellowship meeting.  However, just getting together with no "plan" makes for a boring time.  That's where you need some ideas and "Faith In Action" has them.  This page is ALWAYS under construction and features ideas and themes to make your next ladies fellowship meeting fun and exciting.  Enjoy!

NOTE:  If you have any ideas for fellowship meetings that have not been listed here, please feel free to email me with your idea and I would be more than happy to add it to this page for other ladies to enjoy.  Thank you!

Note:  This page is currently under construction so some links are not yet working.  I hope to have them up and running soon.  Please check back often for updates.  Thank you!

Food Themed Ideas:

Craft Themed Ideas:

Seasonal/Holiday Ideas:

Inspiration/Devotional Themed meetings:
  • A little Spring Cleaning
  • Handmaids of the Lord
  • Instruments of Righteousness
  • The Virtuous Woman
  • Vessels of Honor

Miscellaneous Ideas:


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